Jaci Fry

May Flowers

Posted by Valerie on December 17, 2009

Most requested at Birthday dinner…


Grape Leaves for wrapping
Rice (start cooking)
Onion – Saute & add to rice:
Olive Oil
(Dill – optional)

Remove from heat before rice is fully cooked & roll 1 T. rice mixture in each leaf.
Line large skillet with broken leaves & pack rolls tightly into pan & add remaining water with some lemon juice. Steam approximately 30-45 minutes. Cover with lemon egg sauce & serve.

Lemon Egg Sauce

2-3 Eggs beat & add
1 C. cold Water with
2 T. Flour
Add 1-2 Lemons
Small amt. of melted Butter

Cook in double boiler stirring constantly until fluffy.


One Response to “May Flowers”

  1. Sharon Hurlbut said

    I remember well the first time I saw the pot of Dolmades Jaci had cooking on the stove; I was probably about 12. It was the first time I’d ever heard of them and thought at the time, “how strange to eat grape leaves?!” But they were wonderfully delicious, and like many things that came from Jaci’s kitchen, introduced me to a new & delicious food. You could just tell by the wonderful tastes, that she loved to cook and loved to share it with others.

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