Jaci Fry


Posted by Valerie on December 18, 2009

“The” Chocolate Cake

2 Eggs
1 C. Oil, Crisco or Margarine
1/2 C. Cocoa
3 C. Flour
1 C. Buttermilk (or 1/2 C. Yogurt & 1/2 C. Milk)
1 1/2 C. Sugar (+2 T. – low alt.)
2 t. Vanilla
2 t. Soda (+1/4 t. – low alt.)
1 t. Salt
2 C. Hot Coffee or Espresso (high altitude) – 1 1/2 C. (low altitude)

Pile ingredients in order given then mix after hot coffee is added to top.
Bake at 325-350 for 35-45 minutes in greased pan.
Makes two 8-9 inch layers or one Cat/Bear/Penguin mold


Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing:

1 C. Powdered sugar
2 T. Cocoa
8oz. Cream cheese
2 T. Butter
2 t. Vanilla


One Response to “Birthdays”

  1. Anonymous said

    Many loving birthdays were had by all when this cake recipe took form

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